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Why Soulsome

  • Cold-Pressed & RawOnly cold-press Hemp flower oil extraction produces the highest quality cold pressed CBD oil.
  • Two Ingredients, Same Plant Non-GMO, indoor grown hemp flower extract + organic virgin hemp seed oil as the carrier oil.
  • No Co2 or Ethanol ExtractionCold-pressing raw flowers means none of the contaminants from Co2, ethanol or hydrocarbon extraction are present in our CBD oil.
  • No Flavors, No SweetenersFormulated with only the purest ingredients and without the use of fillers, flavors, sweeteners or unnecessary fluff.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Our raw hemp extract is loaded with all the CBD you need and contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • Independently TestedThe most comprehensive independent lab testing in the industry keeps us honest about our quality.
  • Indoor GrownWe control every aspect of our indoor hemp farm to ensure purity and consistency. Yes, even the music we play to our plants!
  • Made in ItalyCarefully hand-crafted in Italy, in small batches of 700 bottles or less, by totally awesome human beings.

You, at your Best.
Everyday. Every Night.

Commit to feeling better and step into a new normal.
Transform your life for good with a new way to manage pain, anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness.


Manage physical ailments with much more ease.


Feel peace among all life has to throw.


Rebalance your mind and slow everything down.


Get better sleep and feel more rested.

CBD is an unregulated industry, which means there are no controls over the quality, extraction methods or consistency of the products. In this video we explore these problems, and how Soulsome does things differently.

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Suggested Dosing

The following suggestions are meant to be a starting off point. Cold Pressed CBD oil affects everyone differently. Notice how you feel after taking a certain CBD, then adjust your initial dose until you feel the intended effect.

1200 MG
40mg Per Dropperful
2400 MG
80mg Per Dropperful
4800 MG
160mg Per Dropperful
Calm, Clarity, Focus
Aches & Pains

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Three Strengths One (Super) Natural Solution

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1200 MG

Ideal for Beginner

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Synergy Effect

At soulsome, we embarked on a truly holistic approach to making hemp extract. Our goal was to introduce the most natural, ethical, environmentally-friendly, and effective CBD-Rich oil on earth.

The result is a real “Synergy Effect” above and beyond the “Entourage Effect.”

What does that mean to you? It means a CBD-Rich oil that works.

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Happy Customer

Undeniably Effective

“ I have tried so many CBD products to help me sleep better. This is by far the best in every way. It’s undeniably effective, and everything about it feels right. What really sets Soulsome apart aside from the actual CBD oil is the care that goes into every aspect of everything they do: fast (and free) shipping, support, personal touches, free 15 min. consultation, follow-ups, everything.”


Happy Customer

Joint pain virtually gone

“ I have had joint pains almost constantly for the past six years or more – particularly left knee / right hip. Well not any more!! I am walking totally normally again, something I haven’t done in a long while. Thanks Soulsome crew!!!!!”


Happy Customer

Naturally Extracted seems to do the trick.

“ I’ve been around the ringer with anything anxiety related. I was diagnosed with anxiety in early 2020 right before covid-19, and covid made it much worse. And insomnia came with it and made me a terrible person. A friend who is anti everything recently recommended this. I was apprehensive because I had some bad stuff in the past that really didn’t settle well with me. I started in low doses only when I felt like I couldn’t bear it anymore and then like magic for the first time in months my head wasn’t racing like crazy and the physical anxiety started to fade. Now I only use it when I can’t sleep late at night. So thank you for the relief.


Happy Customer

Game changer for anxious

“ I’ve had a pretty terrible time with anxiety ever since COVID started and I find that Soulsome has been able to calm me down so much better than other CBD oils have. I can tell it’s more high quality than other oils and there’s no “high” that some people may be scared of getting.
I even scheduled a 15 min. session and talked to the CEO. These guys are generous with their time and attention.
It’s so great that I even bought a bottle for my parents! My mother uses it for her anxiety and my dad for his arthritis pain.
Thanks Soulsome.


Happy Customer

Unparalleled quality

“ Unparalleled Everything
I have tried several brands of CBD & Soulsome is by far the most natural with the highest quality. The tincture’s appearance, taste (extremely pleasant, and potency (stronger than competitors with the same doses) are all examples of how this product is worth the price.
A class act. Thanks.”

Michelle M.

Happy Customer

“ I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep lately, taking longer to get to sleep, and then I tried Soulsome CBD. The morning after I used it, I realized how effortless falling asleep was. I feel my best after a sound night sleep.”

Lacey C.

Happy Customer

“ 1. Feeling stressed while at work.
2. I would have moments of anxiousness and needed something to calm the nerves.
3. Soulsome packaging appears sleek and well thought out.
4. When an issue/stress would arise at work I found myself more at ease.
5. Life is more manageable and peaceful with Soulsome. ”

Joshua B
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