We believe in quality over quantity

Cold preserved
from living plants

No harsh chemicals,
solvents or heavy metals

Premium light-blocking
bottles to protect the oil

The only way to produce pure, high-quality CBD oil is the cold-pressed extraction method – a method we use to produce Soulsome CBD oil. Living hemp is a rare form of hemp. No other method can keep the whole plant alive during the extraction process. That means you’re getting the most effective CBD oil available today when you buy from Soulsome.

Certified Organic –
From Seed-To-Bottle

Our oil is certified Organic. That means all of the ingredients in our CBD oil have been grown according to the USDA’s organic standards. Everything from seed, soil, pest management and water systems are chemical free.


We cold-press our flowers using traditional cold-pressing methods. This means our CBD oil will never be exposed to harmful extraction chemicals, industrial solvents, or additives. Choosing cold-press extraction means choosing an oil that’s rich with healthy fats, vitamins, naturally occurring CBDa, and beneficial phytonutrients.

Glass Bottles

We use the highest-quality light-blocking glass bottles called miron glass to protect your purchase and prolong its potency. They’re also child resistant and 100% recyclable. Learn more about miron glass and why it ensures the highest quality experience with our oil in our FAQ’s.

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