Month: July 2021

CBD for Arthritis

CBD for Arthritis: What we know and what we don’t

“Arthritis” doesn’t describe one disease; rather, it is an informal, catch-all term to describe symptoms like stiffness, swelling and joint pain, or joint disease. Another common misconception is that it is “an old persons’ ” disease. Although many older people are diagnosed with it, people of all ages and genders, and even children, are susceptible to joint pain and disease characteristic of arthritis. The most common symptoms are swelling at the joints, stiffness, limited motion, and chronic pain, varying from mild to severe. Arthritis is debilitating as it can result in a limited ability to perform simple, daily tasks like prepare food or climb a flight of stairs, which raises the question of whether we can use CBD for arthritis and for conditions like arthritis–which are characterized by chronic inflammation and pain.

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