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Other CBD tinctures don’t offer me the distinct relaxed response Soulsome does.

I’ve developed an “acquired taste” from my nightly routine, consuming a full dropper of the 2400 mg strength extract. I actually enjoy the earthy, complex flavors of Soulsome compared to the shallow, artificial taste of other CBD tinctures. I experience a relaxed feeling that sort of locks in about an hour after consuming Soulsome. Other CBD tinctures don’t offer me that distinct relaxed response. Curiously, for me, any cannabis I consume after the Soulsome leaves me with a physical rather than a cerebral effect, which is most pleasant for my constitution. Also, no anxiety. The older I’ve gotten, the less tolerance I have for the typical “high” I often experience with much of today’s potent medical cannabis. Harlequin or Cherry Diesel consumed on top of the Sousome leaves me with a  pleasant, almost effervescent feeling throughout. No anxiety or trippiness at all. Not bad for sleeping either.