Cold-pressed CBD Hemp Oil

Cold-pressed CBD Hemp Oil: CBD Extraction You Can Trust

Not all hemp oils are created equal and, when it comes to a process of CBD extraction you can trust, the way your hemp oil was extracted from the plant has implications for both your health and your peace of mind. Digging a little deeper into how your CBD oil is extracted from the original hemp plant can tell you a great deal about the quality of the plant used, as well as the benefits and risks of the extraction process. As extraction processes go, cold-pressed raw hemp CBD Oil is the one process of CBD extraction you can trust.

For example, CO2 is a widely used solvent for extraction, along with ethanol (alcohol), and even propane and butane gases. These extraction methods work well for the majority of the CBD industry–with alcohol being the preferred method due to its scalability for large-scale operations. However, these aren’t always the best extraction methods for the end consumer who may be concerned about residual solvents or undesirable ‘extras’ ending up in their CBD oil. 

At first blush, the terms “Solvent-free” and “Solventless” may sound similar but there is a world of difference between them. Solvent-free means solvents were used to extract the oils from the plant and an attempt was made later to remove them from the oil, in another chemically aided process. By contrast, “Solventless” means no solvents were used at all in the extraction process, meaning only pure CBD oil was extracted, with nothing added and no risk of contaminants.

“We don’t use solvents or special heating apparatus to remove our CBD oils because Soulsome’s oils are pure hemp oil and free of any possible toxins from a chemical extraction process.”

Why Does “Cold Press” CBD Extraction Matter?

The cold press extraction process is the same one used in making virgin olive oil, which is made without heat or chemical additives. Olives are first crushed into a paste, and then a mechanical press applies pressure to the paste to separate the oil from the pulp. The finest olive oils on earth have been made this way for centuries, which is why we wanted to use the self-same process with the hemp flower to make Soulsome’s pure, full-spectrum CBD oil. In creating a CBD extraction you can trust, we looked to other processes which we already trust and understand. Cold-pressing oils is an ancient process we’ve used for centuries to extract all the essential oils out of vegetable matter. This is something we realized quickly would be a great benefit to the CBD oil-making process.

After our low-light harvest, the flowers are pressed using a mechanical press that slowly extracts the oils, valuable nutrients, and other compounds from the flower. We only use the flowers for oil extraction as they contain the highest grade of oils available in the plant. The pure hemp flower extract which comes out of the press contains all the natural fats, vitamins, nutrients, and beneficial phytonutrients in the plant naturally. It is this mix of healthy fats, vitamins, and other micronutrients which, when taken together with CBD create, what some call “The Entourage Effect.” The Entourage Effect simply means that we typically derive the best possible benefit from our CBD oil when it comes with the other co-occurring compounds and micronutrients found in the hemp plant, all of which work together in the human cannabinoid system to enhance the effects of the CBD compound. 

Once our full-spectrum CBD oil has been extracted we combine it with organic hemp seed oil, an exceptional carrier oil, to dilute the potent raw CBD oils and to create our final, full-spectrum product. Using organic hemp seed oil ensures that the full-spectrum effect is not diluted in any way, and also ensures that our raw hem,p oil has the added benefits which come with the omega-heavy, healthful hemp seed oil extract. 

What Does Full-spectrum CBD Oil Taste Like?

The cold press extraction process is unique in the CBD field. It provides full-spectrum CBD relief which means that all of the naturally occurring phytonutrients, terpenes, flavonoids, omegas 3-6-9, trace minerals, and vitamins are left intact and undisturbed by the extraction process. This also allows the full spectrum of these micronutrients to work together in providing relief for things like stress, sleeplessness, and even some of the symptoms of anxiety. 

Cold pressing ensures you get the unrefined, earthy raw hemp flower taste, with no additives or preservatives for you to worry about. The oil can be added to food, a favorite drink, or simply placed under your tongue as part of a daily routine, or as you may require it–the choice is yours.

On the tongue provides the clearest indication of the raw taste of hemp: A warm, faintly spiced, peppery taste with earthy undertones characterize the taste of the hemp flower–a nutty, even grassy taste. The richness of this vitamin and micronutrient-packed oil cannot be overstated, you can almost feel the natural goodness of this oil on your tongue. When a few drops of Soulsome CBD oil are mixed with other foods the earthy undertones subside and complement the stronger, more abundant flavors of the meal or drink making it hardly noticeable at all.

CBD extraction methods matter when it comes to choosing CBD oil. In much the same way as organically grown versus non-organically grown food choices matter to you in the supermarket. There is a difference in quality, safety, and taste which is important when it comes to trusting a CBD product to supplement our personal care regime. Taking care to know the differences and being an informed CBD consumer will hopefully lead to benefits for you, and your family, making our cold-pressed CBD oil an environmentally friendly, human-centered CBD extraction you can trust.

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