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CBD Oil Storage 101: How to Store CBD Oil Like a Total Pro

Everything has a shelf life and CBD oil is no different. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this. I’ve seen countless numbers of newbie (and seasoned!) CBD users store their oil in the worst ways possible…

On windowsills in direct sunlight.

In bathrooms with the lid slightly open. 

Mounted atop a volcano spewing hot molten lava.

Ok, the last one’s a lie but you get what I’m saying — there are awful ways to store your CBD oil and they have quite a substantial effect on its quality, strength, and potency.

So, if you’re someone who keeps CBD oil on windowsills in direct sunlight or you’re simply curious to know how to store CBD oil, this guide right here will show you the way to becoming a CBD oil storage pro. 

Storing CBD oil like a pro: At a glance

  • UV light (sunlight), air exposure, and heat diminishes your CBD oil’s quality and potency 
  • To prevent CBD oil degradation, store your CBD oil with the lid/cap firmly shut in a cool, dark place away from any heat or UV source. We designed a paper tube as a secondary packaging as the best way to prevent CBD oil degradation
  • Extreme temperatures (especially heat) have been seen to alter CBD’s effectiveness both in time and concentration
  • 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below is the optimal CBD oil storage temperature
  • Be careful when transporting your CBD oil — keep it in a deep pocket (bag or otherwise) in an upright position. Keep the lid/cap on firmly.  
  • Unopened CBD oil keeps for 16-24 months; opened CBD oil keeps for roughly 6-8 months (maybe more if stored correctly)
  • You won’t get sick from consuming expired CBD oil but I recommend purchasing a new one just in case
  • Expired CBD oil looks cloudy or foggy with a subtle but “different” taste and odor. 

Knowing how to store your CBD oil is vital (here’s what to look out for)

Two of the most disastrous ways to murder your CBD oil is through UV light and air exposure — both will shorten the longevity of your oil, as well as make it less potent to the point of borderline useless. Heat can also mess your oil up too. 

Let’s look at this in more detail. 

Keep CBD oil out of direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is the ultimate CBD oil serial killer. Though it doesn’t brandish a knife, gun, or any other deadly weapon, it does contain ultraviolet (UV) light — a type of electromagnetic radiation known to cause excruciating sunburns, damage living tissue, and impair organic molecules.

Therefore, because CBD oil contains plenty of organic molecules, UV light degrades them. This degradation causes the potency of your oil to decrease over time. I recommend storing it in a cool, dark place — preferably a large cupboard, fridge, or under the stairs. Again, just make sure it doesn’t have any UV light beaming down on it. 

Manufacturers often produce CBD oil using amber glass, which helps prevent sunlight absorption. A small number of manufacturers also use ultraviolet glass. This type of glass is more effective but costly. For additional protection, I suggest always keeping your bottle in a secondary packaging such as a paper tube. It’s the only material on earth that can effectively reflect UV rays


  • Sunlight is the enemy of CBD oil
  • UV is a type of electromagnetic radiation that degrades your CBD oil
  • This degradation causes the potency of your oil to decrease 
  • Keep your CBD oil in a large cupboard, in the fridge, or anywhere that’s cool and dark 

Keeping your CBD oil in the fridge is worthwhile (but you don’t have to)

Prolonged heat exposure is a sure-fire way of ruining your CBD oil — they should be kept in temperatures of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below. I personally keep my CBD oil in the fridge but you really don’t have to. A cool, dark place is perfectly fine. It’s really down to personal preference as opposed to being an optimal choice. 

However, be aware that your CBD oil may thicken in the fridge or freezer if left for a long period of time (days to weeks). If this happens, place your bottle under the tap and run hot water over it to get it back to its original consistency. 

If the fridge isn’t your first choice, make sure you don’t keep your CBD oil away from places that radiate heat — the kitchen, for example, is a no-go, especially if the cupboard you’re storing it in is near the oven. 

Don’t expose CBD oil to air for long periods of time

At the beginning of my CBD journey, I was (admittedly) very careless. I often opened a bottle of CBD oil and didn’t close the lid properly. I guess it was just laziness on my part and it had the potential to cost me big time. 

But how?

Well, the air is great for breathing and keeping you alive but it certainly isn’t going to do the same for your CBD oil. The oxygen present in the air is the biggest problem here — it causes oxidation and, ultimately, begins to degrade your CBD oil over time. Much like the UV light problem, this degradation causes the CBD to lose potency, thus making it weaker and less effective.  

The way to stop this from happening is very simple: keep the lid on tight and don’t just screw it back into place loosely. Air/oxygen will continue to seep in. 


  • Air is also an enemy of CBD oil — oxygen specifically
  • Oxygen causes an oxidation process that degrades your CBD oil
  • This degradation causes your CBD oil to become less potent and much weaker
  • Counteract this by not being lazy and keeping lid screwed on firmly

Be careful when transporting your CBD oil (leaky oil in your pocket is not ideal!)

Keeping a CBD oil in your bag (or pocket) whilst you’re on-the-go is risky business if you’re completely clueless — and I don’t mean that as an insult. 

I was once totally clueless and kept a bottle of CBD permanently in my pocket. One day, I didn’t screw the lid on properly. I’m sure you can guess with a huge amount of certainty what happened next.

Yes, that’s right. It leaked everywhere. I had the largest oily wet patch down the side of my right leg. Very embarrassing. 

My point is, always be careful of how you transport your CBD oil. Keep the lid on properly. I honestly recommend not having it in a pocket unless it’s a deep pocket able to keep the bottle standing upright — do the same if you’re carrying it around in a bag as well. 

CBD oil’s expiration depends on a few different factors…

CBD oils have quite a long shelf life, especially if you follow the storage rules and regulations I set out above. On average, most CBD oils will keep for around 16-24 months before they start to lose potency — this, of course, is if the bottle is brand new and completely unopened. 

Once opened, CBD oils last for around six to eight months (roughly) — storing them properly, however, may extend this time period. This might not sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things but if you consider how much you use it (two to three drops morning and night), you have plenty of time before it starts to lose its efficacy. 

If you have years old CBD oil and you want to use it, no problems. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get sick from consuming it, nor will it cause you to genetically mutate into an alien. I would, however, advise purchasing a new CBD oil simply because it naturally degrades over time. This degradation causes it to become much weaker and less potent. 

Not much point having a weak CBD oil, right?

If you’re unsure of how much time your CBD oil has left, most CBD companies put the expiration date on their CBD oil bottles — you can commonly find this on the label. If there’s no expiration date, check the receipt of purchase and work it out from there. 


  • Most new and unopened CBD oils will keep for approximately 16-24 months
  • Opened CBD oils will last roughly six to eight months depending on how well you store it
  • Years old CBD oil probably won’t hurt you, but I advise purchasing a brand new one just in case
  • If you’re unsure of how old your oil is or how much time you have left before it expires, check the label — you should be able to find the expiration date there. 

How do you know when CBD oil has expired?

Since CBD oil’s quality diminishes over a long period of time, it can be super difficult to determine whether or not it has expired. 

However, the easiest sign to look out for is its texture and/or color. Fresh, healthy, and high-quality CBD oil is clear and transparent with a nice golden hue to it. Expired CBD oil typically becomes cloudy and foggy, and the color tends to darken somewhat. 

The only time foggy or cloudy CBD oil isn’t an indicator of being past the expiration date is when you’ve had it in the fridge or freezer. 

As for the flavor and smell? There is a difference in both when CBD oil has gone past its sell-by date — but it’s not the rancid, disgusting taste or smell most talk about on the internet. It’s more subtle and doesn’t really give off an odor or flavor that makes you want to chop your nose off. 

Now you’re a pro at storing CBD oil…

You might as well grab yourself a brand-spankin’ new CBD oil and put all your newfound storing hacks into practice. There’s nothing better than starting afresh and making sure your new oil lives its #bestlife. 

Remember, keep your new CBD oil away from direct UV light, prolonged heat, and too much air exposure. The fridge can be its best friend but it doesn’t have to be. 70 degrees Fahrenheit or less is still optimal. Always screw the lid/cap back on properly. Leaky oil isn’t fun. 

And, most importantly, enjoy the refreshing and relaxing feeling you get from your new CBD oil, safe in the knowledge that your storage efforts haven’t diminished its effects.

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