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Our Cold-pressed Hemp Oil Making Process

We use a holistic, artisanal approach to making hemp extract making. Our goal is to introduce the most effective, environmentally friendly, and best CBD-rich Oil possible. In addition, our goal is to maximize the product’s quality and be good friends with you and mother Earth.

To do that, we had to:

  1. Avoid conventional extraction methods that use solvents such as CO2, Ethanol, and Hydrocarbons such as butane or propane.
  2. Hand select indoor-grown hemp flowers harvested at low light. 
  3. Steer clear of using unnecessary and unwanted ARTIFICIAL flavors, colors, and additives. 
  4. Extract hemp flower essences the most natural way using a unique COLD-PRESS method. 

Our Full-Spectrum CBD hemp oil is 100% Cold-Pressed utilizing our innovative technology right here at Soulsome. Truly the most natural, pure, and ethical CBD-making process in the marketplace, completely free from solvents (such as alcohol and CO2), preservatives, and MCT oils. Cold Pressed Hemp Flower Extract technology produces an authentic “Synergy Effect” above and “Beyond Entourage Effect.”

Why do we call it “Cold Press” extraction? 

Because the process is almost identical to making olive oil without heat or chemicals. In making cold pressed olive oils: it involves crushing olives into a paste, then applying force with a mechanical press to separate the oil from the pulp. The highest grades of olive oil are always cold-pressed. Similarly, we take the hemp plant, nothing but the hemp flower, and apply the proprietary Cold Press techniques. The pure hemp flower extract that comes out of the press contains all the natural fats, vitamins, nutrients, and beneficial phytonutrients in the plant naturally. 

We then add organic hemp seed oil, as the carrier oil, to the hemp flower extract to create our final product. Soulsome products look and taste different from CBD oil extracted using alcohol or CO2 extraction.

You will feel the natural peppery and earthy taste of hemp, which originates from the all-natural active terpenes: No added flavors or MCT oils. Simply pure, raw full-spectrum CBD hemp flower and hemp seed oil packed with phytonutrients and healing properties of terpenes, chlorophyll, flavonoids, omegas 3-6-9, vitamins, and trace minerals left intact and uninterrupted through our groundbreaking Cold-pressed extraction process. 

We never use harmful toxins, solvents, or gases to maintain the integrity of the plant intact through the extraction process. Our proprietary Cold-Press technology supplies superior effectiveness and absorption, 100% free from solvents, alcohol, MCT oils, additives, and preservatives.

Finally, we offer a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee on all products. If you are not satisfied with any of these products, simply return the unused portion of the product. If we receive a returned product within 90 days, we will issue a full refund. So give us a try. You won’t look back. 

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