CBD tincture benefits

Why CBD Tinctures?

Are we ever spoiled for choice in the modern CBD market? There are CBD gummies, CBD, salves, balms and lotions, CBD tinctures, candies, vape-ables, puff-ables, and even pet treats for our over-anxious critters. With so many CBD ingestion and delivery methods available to us, it can be tricky to decide what the best choice is for our use. If you’re reading this pressed for time, here’s the takeaway: CBD tinctures are, by far, the best way to take CBD to maximize potency and delivery. Let’s look into this a little more to see why…

How to take your CBD tincture: The Tongue vs. The Tummy

For most CBD tinctures, it is best practice to put a few drops of the CBD tincture under the tongue and hold it there for around 20-30 seconds or so. Why the under the tongue? Beneath your tongue is a network of veins that rapidly absorb tinctures into the bloodstream. So, if you are looking for the best way to get your CBD oil into your body with the least amount of waste and fuss, this is undoubtedly the most efficient.

CBD tinctures–when taken under the tongue (sublingually)–typically deliver a higher dose of CBD for the user than CBD taken orally (gummies, capsules)

But what about just swallowing the oil or taking capsules or gummies instead of CBD oil? Of course, you could simply swallow it, but this means you’re using your digestive system to process the CBD. The trouble with this is our bodies will eliminate many of the valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and other elements in the CBD oil before they have a chance to reach the bloodstream. Most of the dose (up to 80% for some individuals) will be eliminated as it passes through the stomach, liver, and intestines before entering the bloodstream. In other words, you are literally flushing your expensive CBD tincture down the drain and radically reducing its efficacy.

Although more research is needed to explore this area thoroughly, some early studies show that CBD tinctures–when taken under the tongue (sublingually)–typically deliver a higher dose of CBD for the user than CBD taken orally (gummies, capsules), which have to be digested first. A second advantage of using CBD tinctures is that the dose and speed of delivery remain relatively constant. This means you should be able to judge how much CBD tincture you need to use, giving the end-user so much more control over the dosing process.

For Soulsome, our cold-pressed, raw hemp flower CBD oil is best taken sublingually (a few drops under the tongue) and held there for up to 30 seconds. It is also good practice to start with a smaller dose and to work your way up to an amount that fits your needs best.

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