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Two Cannabis Compounds Have Potential To Prevent COVID-19 Infection & Transmission

Scientist studying CBGA and CBDA, two compounds found in hemp plants, for potential COVID-19 treatment
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A recent study revealed two compounds found in cannabis could prevent COVID-19 from entering human cells. The two compounds are CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid). These two compounds can prevent the spread of COVID-19 by disrupting the infection and transmission process. In this article, we’ll unpack this recent discovery and the role these cannabis compounds could play in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Discovering A Natural Treatment Against the Coronavirus

The study, conducted by a team of researchers at Oregon State University, was published in the Journal of Natural Products in January of this year (2022). According to lead researcher Dr. Van Breeman, “Our interest has always been in discovering natural products that have medicinal value.”

As part of the study, his team screened a variety of botanicals used as dietary supplements to find natural products that stop the virus from infecting cells. Their lab tests proved cannabis compounds CBGA and CBDA bind to the virus’s surface, preventing it from connecting with the human cell.

How Do CBGA and CBDA Prevent Infection?

The researchers at Oregon State University proved cannabis compounds CBGA and CBDA can disrupt the infection process through lab tests. Their ability to attach to the spike protein of the virus prevents it from infecting the human cell. Their research also showed these compounds “were equally effective against variants of SARS-CoV-2, including B.1.1.7…and variant B.1.351.”

Since these results are only from lab tests, the next step is to do human clinical trials. Clinical trials will help clarify how much raw hemp extract is necessary to see the same results in humans. And with the new waves of COVID-19 still happening throughout the world, alternative methods to fight this virus are needed now.

Unlike other plants, hemp has several active compounds that remain effective when consumed by humans. Most other plants typically prove effective in lab tests, but not human studies. Hemp is a great candidate for natural medicinal treatments because it is effective in humans.

The active compounds found in hemp are safe and effective in humans, helping to improve mood, reduce inflammation and improve sleep. This new study proves that raw hemp extract also has the medicinal benefit of fighting the Coronavirus. Hemp has 113 active compounds, which means scientists may discover additional therapeutic benefits soon.

“These cannabinoid acids are abundant in hemp and in many hemp extracts.” — Dr. Richard Van Breeman

Source: today.oregonstate.edu

Raw Hemp Extract As Treatment To Prevent COVID-19

Dr. Van Breeman stated he would like to do a follow-up study to determine the oral dose to take every day to prevent viral infection or transmission. He envisions hemp extracts helping people stay healthy and avoid sickness from COVID. He also stated that CBGA and CBDA treatment in hemp extract is considered most effective in combination with vaccines.

Hemp Products That Contain CBGA and CBDA

Let’s first clarify which cannabis products won’t provide you with benefits from CBGA and CBDA. The study conducted by Dr. Van Breeman and his team highlighted that smoking weed, vaping, or inhaling were not effective ways to consume CBGA and CBDA.

Any hemp product made using heat or requires heat will not contain these two compounds. Why? Because heat transforms these compounds from their natural state into CBG and CBD. And even though CBG and CBD have anti-inflammatory benefits, they’re not effective in disrupting the infection process of the COVID-19 virus.

So, the only way to consume CBGA and CBDA is by taking raw hemp extract. The only natural hemp extract (CBD oil) with these compounds is cold-pressed. This is the only extraction method that keeps these compounds intact in the final product.

What Most CBD Oil Companies Won’t Tell You

A lot of CBD oil companies will use this study to help promote their CBD products. The association with the findings of this study will increase the appeal of their products. As beneficial as hemp-based products are to make this association without complete transparency is distasteful. 

As a copywriter and content creator for a CBD oil company, I want to make it very clear that without clinical trials, no CBD oil company (not even ours) can honestly claim their CBD oil can prevent infection or transmission of the Coronavirus. We even published a video on YouTube to help inform consumers about CBD oil, COVID-19 and this study (see below).

CBD Oil: Can It Prevent COVID-19? What CBD Oil Companies Won’t Tell You

The results from the lab tests conducted by the research team at Oregon State University are promising, but only provide half of the data needed to validate antiviral benefits in humans.

Hemp’s Potential Benefits Remain Largely Untapped

Even though more resistant variants can still arise, widespread adoption of CBGA and CBDA treatment combined with vaccines would be a positive step in the right direction.

With its long history of safe human use, hemp has significant upside for potential medicinal applications. The Oregon State University study offers more proof that hemp has a bright future in health and wellness.


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