CBGA And CBDA Protect Against COVID-19

Two active compounds found within the hemp plant have been proven to prevent infection and transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Those two compounds are CBGA (cannabigerolic acid)  and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid). The study was published in the Journal of Natural Products in January (2022). The study was conducted by a team of researchers from Oregon State University. Their lab test results prove these two compounds successfully bind to the surface of the COVID-19 spike protein, making it lose its ability to infect human cells.

To help you get the most of this discovery, we’ve highlighted how CBGA and CBGA prevent infection and transmission, which hemp products contain them and how cold-pressed hemp extract fits into your daily efforts to fight this virus.

How Does CBG-A and CBD-A Prevent Infection?

Through lab tests, the researchers at Oregon State University proved cannabis compounds CBG-A and CBD-A can bind to the surface of the spike protein of COVID-19 virus. Their ability to bind to the spike protein of the virus prevents it from infecting the human cell. This means the virus loses its ability to infect or spread. Their research also showed these compounds were equally effective against variants of SARS-CoV-2.

Hemp Products That Contain CBG-A and CBD-A 

The study conducted by Dr. Van Breeman and his team highlighted that smoking weed, vaping or inhaling were not effective ways to consume CBG-A and CBD-A. The only way to consume CBG-A and CBD-A is orally, through a raw hemp extract. Any hemp product made using heat will not contain CBG-A and CBD-A. Heat transforms these compounds from their natural state into CBG and CBD. And even though CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s not effective in binding to the spike protein of the COVID-19 virus.

CBGA / CBDA Treatment To Prevent COVID-19

CBG-A and CBD-A treatment in the form of a hemp extract is considered most effective in combination with vaccines. While additional studies are needed to determine daily dosage to prevent viral infection or transmission, there’s no reason to postpone introducing raw, cold-pressed hemp extract into your daily routine. The cold-pressed extraction method is the only method that produces hemp extract with these two compounds still in their natural state; and will efficiently reach your bloodstream to deliver antiviral benefits.

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