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  • Verified buyer
    George Van Dyke

    Other CBD tinctures don’t offer me the distinct relaxed response Soulsome does.

    I’ve developed an “acquired taste” from my nightly routine, consuming a full dropper of the 2400 mg strength extract. I actually enjoy the earthy, complex flavors of Soulsome compared to the shallow, artificial taste of other CBD tinctures. I experience a relaxed feeling that sort of locks in about an hour after consuming Soulsome. Other CBD tinctures don’t offer me that distinct relaxed response. Curiously, for me, any cannabis I consume after the Soulsome leaves me with a physical rather than a cerebral effect, which is most pleasant for my constitution. Also, no anxiety. The older I’ve gotten, the less tolerance I have for the typical “high” I often experience with much of today’s potent medical cannabis. Harlequin or Cherry Diesel consumed on top of the Sousome leaves me with a  pleasant, almost effervescent feeling throughout. No anxiety or trippiness at all. Not bad for sleeping either.
  • Verified buyer
    Steven Liebig

    Reduction in Anxiety, Insomnia and Inflammation

    I’ve experienced reductions in anxiety, insomnia and inflammation (dermatitis) since using 1200 MG Hemp Extract. The quality of my life has improved.

  • Verified buyer
    Julie Buchta


    I have not tried very many other CBD brands but there’s so many that have toxic ingredients that betray the whole point of wellness. Soulsome CBD offers up an organic, cold pressed, high quality CBD that I can trust. I don’t use it every day but play by ear and it is terrific for a very good nights sleep and for aches and pains. I also occasionally have the low dose in the morning to ease into a busy day as it sets the tone for the day. Happy, content, and bright mind.
    After I placed my first order I was charmed receiving a personal video from the owner explaining usage and a word on the peppery after taste which was not an issue for, me at all. This is the REAL DEAL best I’ve found CBD on the market today. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CBD and the people behind it. They really care about what they do. Thank you Soulsome!

  • Verified buyer
    Richard Magazu

    Bought it for my son who has had trouble sleeping on and off

    Bought it for my son who has had trouble sleeping on and off. He tells me after about a week of using this Soulsomes CBD he feels more alert and vibrant. He plans on continuing to use the product and I intend to try it myself. Shipping was super fast and damage-free they also threw in balm/salve…..thank you!!

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