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Getting good sleep – our top tips

CBD for Good Sleep

So, you’ve been tossing and turning and turning and tossing and… you… just… can’t… quite… get to sleep. Sound familiar? You are not alone. Sleep disturbance or an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep is a common problem with a multitude of sources. In fact, when you scratch the surface, it becomes pretty clear that a good night’s sleep is not something we should take for granted. 

All those restless nights add up eventually, and they can start to have a profound impact on our productivity at the office, on our relationships, our social lives, and even our health. Struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep can feel like a never-ending ordeal, so we’ve created a simple guide to outline a few successful habits we could all benefit from to protect our sleep and to inch us towards the promised land of One Good Nights’ Sleep.

Read on if you are interested in maintaining healthy sleep patterns and behaviors to cultivate a better relationship with yourself, your health, and nocturnal you.

The Trouble with Falling Asleep

The list of reasons for not falling asleep is as long as your arm. Add to this the pressure of an approaching sunrise and a busy day at work or chasing after kids, and even a few hours of rest can seem like an impossible task. In addition, not falling asleep is often caused by anxiety, stress, too much caffeine or sugar, or a disrupted sleep/wake pattern.

What is important is first to understand what could be disrupting your sleep pattern. Is it as simple as drinking too much coffee during the day, or is it something else? Do you maintain regular sleep/wake hours, or is your schedule characterized by irregular hours?

 Observe your sleep pattern and look for irregularities. Make notes in your journal about how regularly you are getting good sleep and see if you can spot a pattern that may contribute to your sleep disruptions.

Make a good nest

A sleep-friendly space is essential to a good nights’ sleep. Don’t expect to have genuinely restful, good sleep if you are trying to sleep in a room with a TV blaring and the lights on. For a truly great nights’ sleep, look to streamline and optimize your sleep space with a good quality mattress with adequate support for you. Seriously, when was the last time you checked in on your most used piece of furniture? Is it time for a new one? 

Now, how about those pillows and bedding? All quality, breathable and comfortable items? Could you benefit from a better, more supportive pillow or a more breathable duvet or blanket? These minor changes can make a remarkable difference in your sleep quality. 

Todo: Check-in on your bedding and your mattress. Make sure you are getting breathable, good support throughout the night.

Kill the noise or put more in?

Some folks have to have a soundless pin-drop quiet room for sleep; others prefer the white noise of a fan or sleep device drowning our background noise. Some New Yorkers carry recordings of noisy traffic with them when they travel because, well… New York, right?

Whatever your preference, don’t be afraid to try new stuff out. Earplugs? A cheap and comfortable solution to a noisy neighborhood. Eye coverings or heavy curtains to drown out outside lights? These may be the very solution you’ve been looking for. As someone who loves waking up in “The Cave,” I can vouch for blackout curtains – especially for shift workers who have to sleep during daylight hours.

Get on a good schedule.

This one can’t be emphasized enough. A regular sleep schedule will support your circadian rhythm allowing you to feel alert when you need to be and sleep when you don’t. This means going to be at regular times and getting up at the same time each day. The consistency of your routine will help to keep your sleep pattern stable and may also help you shake off the effects of one or two nights of disrupted sleep. 

Get some light exercise.

You don’t have to be Arnold Swartznegger in Pumping Iron, but do try to get some light exercise in during the day. Even something as simple as taking the drop for a stroll around the block for thirty minutes can be helpful here. What does exercise do? Well, it makes you tired, of course. Do set up a regular schedule for some exercise, but don’t do it too close to bedtime, which could work against you falling asleep quickly.

What does your winding down routine look like?

When you are looking forward to a night of sound, good sleep, it is essential to start preparing for it before you hit the sack. A winding down routine can help your body and mind begin to relax and prepare for sleep with certain pre-sleep “rituals” that cue you to start preparing for sleep. 

Firstly, give yourself some runway–start preparing for sleep 30-45minutes before you go to bed. Build this into your daily schedule and be strict about it – remember this is your time. It’s a way of looking after and protecting your sleep and, ultimately, of looking after yourself. This time should always be used for slowing down, relaxing activities like meditating, reading a good book, or journaling about the day. Whatever you do, keep it simple and slow, with the goal being to slow the rush of the day and give yourself over to rest.

Dump the screens

Well, not literally, but it is a good practice to hit pause on the devices around 30minutes before bed. All that blue light is not good for your sleep patterns, and you can easily miss your sleep cues and schedule when you’re staring at upcoming movie trailers on YouTube. Seriously though, give yourself a nice wide buffer of around 30minutes of no devices before bedtime.

Dim those lights baby!

Oh yes, get yourself in the mood and let your body know that you are ready for it to produce that yummy melatonin–an essential sleep hormone. Dimming the lights has the additional effect of giving our eyes a real break and cueing our bodies into sleep preparation. If you’re having trouble with this one, just pretend you’re on a hot date with yourself.

Hit the Hay

By the time you make it to bed, you should be ready for a restful night. The point of all this isn’t to force yourself into sleep but rather to give yourself the best possible start to good sleep. It’s about removing all the obstacles that might otherwise disrupt your night and upset your pattern.

Things to Avoid


Now I love a nap as much as the next person. Maybe, maybe even more than the next person. Maybe a lot more, actually. But I can say for sure that they really disrupt my sleep pattern at night, often forcing me to go to bed much later than I usually would and totally disrupting my carefully curated sleep routine. If you have to nap, make it a power nap for no more than 20 minutes, or you may risk not falling asleep that night.

Caffeine and Alcohol

These two are not your friends when it comes to getting good sleep. Coffee after 5 pm can tee you up for a night of tossing and turning; ditto some teas which have high caffeine content–green tea, I’m looking at you. You’d think alcohol would depress the central nervous system and make finding sleep an easy target, but you’d be wrong. Alcohol can dehydrate you as well as disrupt your sleep, reducing the quality of your sleep. Drinking a lot of booze before bedtime is strongly discouraged for the sleepless.

Getting good sleep: Have you tried Soulsome’s cold-pressed CBD oil as a rest aid? 

Regardless of your sleep history and patterns, everyone at some time or another will experience one or two bad nights. However, if you are battling with sleep, you might find that you could benefit from a rest aid to help you find a deeper sense of calm before bedtime. Modern stress levels don’t contribute much to our levels of relaxation, and CBD has been shown to help reduce stress to some degree, and also seems to affect sleep.

Soulsome’s cold-pressed, raw hemp flower CBD oil is made without any additives, sugars, or flavors which could alter the yummy CBD goodness in this exceptional CBD tincture. Created to help relax the mind and soothe the soul, Soulsome is invested in supporting good sleep cycles and healthy sleep. The combination of healthy bedtime habits, good preparation, and tracking along with Soulsome’s cold-pressed CBD oil may help you get on track to enjoying healthy sleep within a structured sleep schedule, helping you fall asleep and wake feeling truly rested after a night of good sleep.


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