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Tony Robbins & The Power of Motivation

How many of you watch motivational videos or read motivational books and wonder if it’s really going to help you? If it’s going to make a difference? Who it’s really for if it can’t even help you?

In today’s episode, Kamran and I share some personal stories related to the power and influence of motivation in our lives; and where the right kind of motivation could fit into your life.

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Kamran Worked With Tony Robbins

Kamran shares a few really cool stories about how working with Tony Robbins, one of the biggest motivational speakers in the world today! And I share some stories about being a motivational speaker and where that has led my life today.

Where Does Motivation Fit Into Your Life?

Motivation, inspiration, where they come from and how they can fuel your efforts to live your best life — we explore all of this and more in this episode of the Soulsome Podcast show.

Listen to this episode to discover or rediscover ways you can use motivation to get the most out of your life no matter where you’re at in life.

Listen To The Full Episode

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