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Organic, Cold Pressed CBD Oil. Full Spectrum, 1200 MG

Organic, Cold Pressed CBD Oil. Full Spectrum, 1200 MG

(80 customer reviews)

Our 1200 MG CBD oil is a great starting point for first-time users. It’s organic, 100% cold pressed, and naturally extracted without involving CO2, ethanol or heat. It has no sweeteners, additives, or flavorings. In short, there’s no fluff. Just pure, unadulterated hemp extract from raw hemp plants.

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Soulsome is organic, 100% cold pressed, and naturally extracted without involving CO2, ethanol or heat. It has no sweeteners, additives, or flavorings. In short, there’s no fluff. Just pure, unadulterated hemp extract from raw hemp.

Our organic CBD oils are rich in CBDa, which has been shown to be many times more effective than CBD. Want to learn more about CBDa? Check out this 2022 study on CBDa conducted by researchers at Oregon State University.

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Our products are third-party tested to confirm accuracy and ensure THC levels are below the legal limit of 0.3% THC.


Due to the presence of THC, users of this product may test positive for cannabinoids in a drug test. May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after use.


USDA Certified Organic

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100% Cold Pressed, Full Spectrum, Rich in CBDa, 3rd Party Tested

80 reviews for Organic, Cold Pressed CBD Oil. Full Spectrum, 1200 MG

  1. bjrckr

    I think these guys are part of Black Note which is the only place I ever buy vape juice from. I like the purity story, fast shipping. The product is a little pricey and, one time, they shipped me the wrong flavor, but, outside of that, I remain a loyal customer.

  2. Tim L.

    Tried this for shoulder pain and I’m amazed. Pain is gone and I’m able to work on my range of motion and am sleeping better. Taste is pleasant. Found an effective dose of about 8mg four times a day. Thanks Soulsome!

  3. Steve S.

    Love the product and company

    They provide all the information you need to make a choice on which mg is right for you. The quality and workmanship is the absolute best. The same with their sister company, Black Note.

  4. Michelle M.

    Unparalleled Everything

    I have tried several brands of CBD & Souslome is by far the most natural with the highest quality. The tincture’s appearance, taste (extremely pleasant, and potency (stronger than competitors with the same doses) are all examples of how this product is worth the price.

    A class act. Thanks.

  5. Karen C.

    Great results.

    I take it to help get back to sleep if I awaken after a few hours. This relaxes me and helps me sleep. When I awaken, I am refreshed and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

    The reason for 4 stars is that the Fedex package did not arrive the first time and they had to ship a second time which arrived in 2 days.

  6. Hasan

    I put 40mg (one ‘dropperful’ of 1200 mg bottle) in my morning coffee and it makes for a great start to my day. I originally bought it to help me sleep, but this has been a great addition to my morning routine. Taste isn’t overwhelming either! Highly recommend. Worth every penny!

  7. Mark Morrison

    For some number of years I have been beset with moderate to severe lumbar spinal pain. It changed in nature, intensity, and duration since spinal surgery in 2016. Since then, until I discovered Soulsome, I managed the pain with prescription analgesics and exercise. This frustrating pain disturbed my work, my sleep, daily activities, and ability to ever feel comfortable. Some time ago, I added Soulsome 4800mg to my pain control regimen. In a day or two I realized that my pain was greatly attenuated and my sleep was much improved. I was able to reduce my pain medication and do my Physical Therapy with less pain. This was a much desired improvement to my pre-Soulsome condition. I feel greatly relieved from adding Soulsome to my daily treatment.

  8. rachel

    I don’t like the taste as much as others but it works better, and I like how they care more and take their time to listen to you. Customer care is unlike any other.

  9. Rafael

    I’ve had a pretty terrible time with anxiety ever since COVID started and I find that Soulsome has been able to calm me down so much better than other CBD oils have. I can tell it’s more high quality than other oils and there’s no “high” that some people may be scared of getting.

    I even scheduled a 15 min. session and talked to the CEO. These guys are generous with their time and attention.

    It’s so great that I even bought a bottle for my parents! My mother uses it for her anxiety and my dad for his arthritis pain.

    Thanks Soulsome.

  10. David Douglas

    products works just as described. Medium strength works a treat and i would say 1200mg is still plenty of strength going by the powerful effect from 2400mg. Will definately be buying more regularly now.

  11. Alicia

    I have tried everything there is to try among the reputable companies out there. Nothing comes even close to everything these guys do. The video on their homepage is super helpful. Fedex delivered my order in two days. It is like receiving a gift. Before trying it, you know you can’t go wrong with it. it has only 2 ingredients. Most companies have all kinds of stuff in there, and they even say they use Co2 extraction. This is as natural, pure and effective as it gets. Fan for life.

  12. ron.b.

    Design and packaging are great. Super fast shipping via FedEx (2 days). Better yet, it’s super effective. I suffer from chronic anxiety and found that Soulsome relieved the tightness of chest I experience, relieving the physical aspect of my anxiety feedback loop. Also had one of the deepest naps ever after one of my first doses. Thank you.

  13. castoepel

    Suffer from anxiety and not sleeping well until soulsome entered my life. Actually got a Video from CEO Kamran and offered even more help and advice!! Amazing Job!!! Connections with Black Note so you can trust the Customer Service and Products. Try soulsome and all will be better!!

  14. bruce.asadi

    It’s great that that’s Vegan in the sense that it’s organically grown and is environmentally friendly, without industrial chemicals during the production process, hence cold pressed, with no artificial flavors.
    This product, in reasonable doses, is great for people like me who wouldn’t have good experience and result when consumed THC or CBD with higher or normal amount of THC in them.
    Of course, one always, if desired, can mix some THC compound with that.

  15. Sid

    Tried 2400. My hip, neck and shoulder pains were just not there anymore. This can help you sleep if needed. I was taking a full dropper of the 1200 twice a day so I upgraded to the 2400. Seems to work. just take have a dropper now unless I feel I need more should last me a month. Would have been five stars but it is a bit expensive hopefully it can come down some going forward.

  16. Gary

    Like many of us trying to cope with anxiety, stress and even aches and pains, I turned to CBD oils. After trying multiple CBD products/companies I was about to give up until I came across Soulsome. I decided to try the 2400 MG tier and after one dose it was literally the best nights sleep I’ve had in months and I was able to finally RELAX. Effective and worth every penny! The quality of this product, as well as the customer service is unmatched! You can tell that the research and work was properly put into everything done at Soulsome, and it shows in its results! Highly recommend!

  17. gteldridge

    It helps with the pain of arthritis and with sleep as well. I will be ordering again. Thanks soulsome!

  18. Rodrigo Lopez

    Have been using Soulsome since it’s inception. This particular product is even better. Great effectiveness and natural purity. Would recommend to anybody.

  19. sid

    Delivered to the UK in lightning speed. Just like the Blacknote quality, a first rate product. Very pleased indeed and highly recommended.

  20. peka3333

    I ordered this for my boyfriend who is has severe anxiety, chronic pain, trouble sleeping and is a recovering alcoholic. Soulsome has helped him with every one of these issues (and many others). When taking the smaller dose he is more alert and focused and with the maximum dose he is able to stay calm and relaxed throughout the day and into the night. I will definitely be ordering again…

  21. Jim

    Each and every interaction I have had with Soulsome has far exceeded my expectations. This company has nailed it with building connections with their customers! My questions or concerns were always addressed with care, empathy and understanding. 2400 mg product works just find for me, and I will continue to highly recommend everyone to try Soulsome. Why not? Nothing to loose but so much to gain. In this difficult time in the world we need more companies like this. Thank you!

  22. Christine N.

    I tried the 4800mg bottle, working better for me than the 2400mg bottle. I found out I need a slightly higher dosage for my knee pain than I originally thought. Pain is mostly gone. Oh, free shipping, packaging, and customer care is excellent.

  23. Leon.el

    Helps me with my everyday aches and pains from working out several times a week. I use it daily.

  24. lovegun247

    Ordered this product for my wife to try for PMDD symptoms. She experimented with the dosage at first and has felt noticeable relief with two doses per day. Will likely order the 4800mg strength next time. Great company, excellent service with a personal video from the CEO. The only downside in my opinion is the high price but have nothing else to compare it against. Otherwise we are very happy and will order more. Thanks Soulsome!

  25. rob

    Helps with my anxiety and insomnia- excellent! This is the only CBD oil that truly works for me. I love it!

  26. Stephen

    My son recommended this company to me.

    I have been very happy with the results! I’ve tried 4 different CBD products and this was by far the best! Super fast shipping and customer service is amazing. The company feels so real.
    Thanks so much!!!

  27. David Douglas

    Just started on the 2400 strength and wow what a change in sleep as I suffer from insomnia. It has also helped me with my depression and PTSD. I feel also more confident and alot more relaxed in life. Will definitely be getting more on a regular basis.

  28. 6string4tune

    this is the best i have tried. works exactly as described. helps with my PTSD and insomnia. I will recomend this to anyone seeking help with anxiety too. Will be buying more.

  29. Jill

    I’ve been around the ringer with anything anxiety related. I was diagnosed with anxiety in early 2020 right before covid-19, and covid made it much worse. And insomnia came with it and made me a terrible person. A friend who is anti everything recently recommended this. I was apprehensive because I had some bad stuff in the past that really didn’t settle well with me. I started in low doses only when I felt like I couldn’t bear it anymore and then like magic for the first time in months my head wasn’t racing like crazy and the physical anxiety started to fade. Now I only use it when I can’t sleep late at night. So thank you for the relief.

  30. dooldennis

    This is the greatest cbd oil ever. I sleep great and feel the best. Thank you

  31. albianc05

    I have been using Black note vaping liquids for years and it’s all I vape. I like (and trust) their products so much that I decided to try their CBD, and boy I am happy I did! I started with the lowest, 1200 mg, and so far I have been using about 1/2 dropper a day. I know that each one of us might react differently to CBD, but for me it has been doing the impossible: I am both more focused and more relaxed throughout the day. In other words, I work better but I am less stressed out. As a bonus, I think I also sleep better.
    As I said, this is the first CBD I try and I think it’s going to be the last, because I am extremely happy with it. Worth every penny!

  32. Ray

    I have tried three other CBD brands, but Soulsome works like no other. The 2400 mg bottle helps me sleep soundly and comfortably. I take this in the evening to help me relax and let go of the anxiety of the day. I take the 1200 mg in the morning to help with any morning stiffness. I also take the 1200 mg during the day at times to alleviate any anxiety the day brings.

  33. Pamela Barbour

    I am a faithful Black Note customer for my vape liquid because of the product purity, company commitment, and great customer service. So, when I learned about their sister company, Soulsome, I did not hesitate to make my CBD oil order. I purchased the 2400 mg full spectrum CBD oil. I have purchased other CBD oils from other companies for years and nothing has worked as well as this product. It has solved my battle with night time anxiety and insomnia. I am able to fall asleep easily, stay asleep and wake refreshed. The Soulsome customer service is outstanding. I will definitely be reordering this product.

    Thank you,

  34. Kathy

    I have tried so many CBD products to help me sleep better. This is by far the best in every way. It’s undeniably effective, and everything about it feels right. What really sets Soulsome apart aside from the actual CBD oil is the care that goes into every aspect of everything they do: fast (and free) shipping, support, personal touches, free 15 min. consultation, follow-ups, everything.

  35. paul

    It’s been quite a year. A natural product that takes the edge off speaks for itself. I’ve used Black Note products for a couple of years and the trust I’ve developed in them has carried over to this company. Half a dropper in the morning, and if I need it, another half at night seems to work for me. Many thanks.

  36. fczar56

    I have tried CBD products from 4 different companies and on a milligram equivalent basis yours is by far the most effective.

  37. jkieffer1

    Arrived super fast. High quality.

  38. Sharon T.

    Has a bit of hemp seed oil after taste. It does really make you calm and sleepy, which is what I love.

  39. Andrei Altaras

    Ordered the 80mg per dropper from Melbourne Australia, Delivery was fast and product is very good. It really helps me to stay calm and sleep better.

  40. toth.krisztian7575

    Super fast shipping, high quality. I bought it to help me sleep. This is the first CBD I try, and I thing it’help me. Would recommend to anybody. I will definately be ordering again! Thanks Soulsome!!

  41. danny jones

    I have tried several CBD products over the years with absolutely zero results . I was very impressed with this oil. It actually does as advertised and works ! Customer service is over the top. I will be buying more for sure.

  42. pete1

    I have had joint pains almost constantly for the past six years or more – particularly left knee / right hip. Well not any more!!
    I am walking totally normally again, something I haven’t done in a long while. Thanks Soulsome crew!!!!!

  43. boylan78

    The product got here to Australia so fast , within 3 days couldn’t believe it. Then i opened the box and not only did i get my oil but also the muscle creams that are excellent after a workout. The oil is amazing , stress levels dropped drastically and I’m calm and focused wow this product is absolutely the best. THANK YOU SOULSOME , I’ve already started recommending to my family and friends don’t change a thing. Top Quality just blown away.

  44. Thomas Bright

    I’ve had some problems with my knee and Achilles tendon on the same leg and a sore foot on the other. I experience pain sleeping from some broken ribs in my back, in the past. Soulsome has alleviated these nagging aches and pains greatly and I can walk my dog again, work and sleep. I have been using the 1200 strength.

  45. ron

    Soulsome CBD has helped me relax, ease muscle and joint pain, be more alert and fall asleep.

  46. blackdoghemi

    New to CBD and after finding the right dosing and what time to administer, my aches and pains are less and sleep is great.

  47. contactingluc

    Good initial response. Worked my way up to half dropper in morning and half dropper at night. Appears to decrease my joint discomfort and appears to reduce my stress levels. Will go for medium strength next. Both Black knot and Soulsome have excellent customer service. Wish we could combine reward points from both companies.

  48. mirr0216

    I’m taking the 1200 mg daily and I have noticed it helps me be a lot calmer throughout the day. I have been taking an SSRI before starting the CBD (I’m still in it) and it helped make my anxiety manageable. But the CBD took it a step forward so that my body is more calm and I’m not as fast to go into alert mode. That said, my mind and body are not numb out. The taste is yucky but I either drink or eat something right after taking it. Also, I had previously tried a CBD product from a different company and had a terrible allergic reaction. But none of that with this product. It’s high quality a d I’d highly recommend this product!

  49. natehott

    I have used products from other companies however I find that a Soulsome does work for me the best.

  50. scarney

    it has helped me with pain and with getting a solid nights sleep. Will definately be buying more.

  51. michaelyang91

    Great for sore muscles and sleep. I didn’t believe taking it in the morning for calm focus would work, but placebo or not, it works great that way too!

  52. Melissa Bates

    Best CBD I have used and I have tried many different brands and blends.

  53. contemporaryartist

    I use Black note and now this. Quality and care. I take about an hour before sleep. Oh my I sleep deeply. No side effects I’ve noticed. Fast delivery too. I really recommend as I’ve tried a lot of things to take off the brutal edge of reality without losing lucidity.

  54. Richard Magazu

    Bought it for my son who has had trouble sleeping on and off. He tells me after about a week of using this Soulsomes CBD he feels more alert and vibrant. He plans on continuing to use the product and I intend to try it myself. Shipping was super fast and damage-free they also threw in balm/salve…..thank you!!

  55. kdg454

    This CBD works very well, far better than the many others I have tried. Reordering!

  56. Daniel Treanor

    The product is great. According to my research it has all the criteria of a high quality CBD oil. Independent 3rd party lab research, CBD content, the best extraction process etc. From my first dose I immediately felt its calming effects and I had an amazing feeling of relaxation without low energy and an overall sense of wellness. I immediately knew it was something I would continue to use. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.

  57. ckstandifer

    My brother recommended Soulsome to help me with my Crohn’s and arthritis. This product has helped tremendously with the arthritis pain in my spine. My Crohn’s is pretty much under control right now so I can’t really give a review for that, but this product is definitely a go to to alleviate arthritis pain.

  58. jkieffer1

    Works as advertised and high quality. I’m very happy I found this site.

  59. kdg454

    I have severe RA. I have tried countless CBD’s. Soulsome in my morning tea takes away my RA aches and pains all day!

  60. twirlin177

    I’ve tried so far: Five CBD, RnR. This as a delicious flavor, very natural tasty which I like. It also works really well for anxiety, I’ve been taking it for a week to minimize urges to do other things such as drink. It also works wonderfully as a topical muscle relief. I do a lot of upper body workouts and can’t take aspirin due to liver disease. I mix a dropper full with a tiny bit of lotion and rub it into my shoulders and back, and literally within 10 minutes the pain is gone and I feel relaxed. It helps for neck pain as well. I’ll definitely get more.

  61. mark.weidemier

    Great CBD! Relaxing and tastes good too!

  62. zss1

    I’ve started using for my knee pain together with CBD balm, and the results are fantastic. No one better than Soulsome!

  63. Deli

    I have found it great for pain relief and anxiety

  64. Robert E. Mulherin

    I have been using this product for two weeks and feel the effects already. I am delighted and will continue to purchase it. My problem was a numbness in my feet due to reduced circulation. Being 70 yrs of age, my doctor advised that this was normal in my case. This cbd oil has increased my circulation and I have achieved renewed feeling in my feet. Thank you.

  65. Logan Laskey

    I have a an extremely pain full auto immune disease which is basically a severe form arthritis that attacks and breaks down the tiny joints in your spine causing it to fuse together as it progresses. Soulsome is the first CBD I’ve tried that actually seems to offer some pain and stress relief.

  66. rmp254

    I am impressed with this product. I purchased the 2400mg bottle to help me relax and fall asleep. It does help me relax I have notice that I am less irritable, but more importantly I am not clenching my jaw as much when I am sleeping. The reduction in pain I have in my neck and jaw in the morning is amazing. I am planning on trying the 4800 mg next.

  67. Tim

    I have tried a few different brands and this one has the best effect just as other reviews have stated. My anxiety level starts to subside in about 10 minutes and it seems to help with my insomnia as well. Highly recommended. Customer service was very helpful also. Thanks SoulSome!!!

  68. Colleen G Bailey

    I bought this for myself and my son yo help with chronic pain. We use it topically, and it works wonders for both of us! So very pleased to finally find a natural remedy!!!

  69. bog_jumper

    Got this for my son and I for topical application for chronic pain. Works wonders for us! So glad to have found a source for a top quality product!!

  70. Jeff

    I love the packaging. So elegant. I chose Soulsome CBD because of the quality and care expressed in manufacture. From quality plants to the cold press extraction, giving you the full spectrum of the CBD product and none of the harsh gases or chemicals other companies use – always look for cold press & full spectrum. The carrier oil is also from the hemp seed, others use various vegetable oils. Shipping was fast, even in these times of shortages.

  71. Tim


    The flavor is better than before, including a peppery / spicy throat feel and a silkier mouth feel. Having the cold press maintains the CBDA that helps with my joint pain even at small doses. A larger dose at night helps me sleep better too!

    Service is great. Delivery has been consistently within 48 hrs. Thanks Soulsome!

  72. Allison Dale

    I decided to try Soulsome after learning about them from Black Note, which is a class act company with a high quality product. My experience so far with Soulsome has been stellar. Order arrived quickly with a personal note, which is a nice touch. Unfortunately, the bottle leaked, so another was promptly sent at no charge. So far, so good!

    I am taking this CBD oil to help with a sense of well being, and get some relief from my osteoarthritis, which has merrily been making it’s way to all my joints. I am still playing with my dose, but I definitely can see where this oil will become a great asset. After I’ve taken it, I can sense my shoulders are more relaxed and my very arthritic neck a little more flexible. I have started off small, with 25mg in the morning and am considering adding another dose 12 hrs. later in the evening. Yes, this is a pretty pricy product, but if it can keep this body moving without resorting to Big Pharma, then I am all for it!

  73. Steven Liebig

    I ordered a subscription for the “Original” 1200 mg oil. I received it–and another bottle of the “New Organic” 1200 mg oil. I’ve tried both. The “Original” had a strong hemp ‘bite’. I very much liked it. It felt medicinal, and I’m here for medicinal benefit. The “New” is not so intense. I feel that the “New” is a lot of oil and not so much hemp. I liked that “Original” recipe, fwiw.

  74. heatherhaney1990

    I’m on my second bottle and have noticed a big difference with my anxiety using the organic hemp extract. Took a few tries to get the hang of it, but have loved it so far!

  75. gruffer_ragouts_0o

    Best CBD I have tried. This is my go to CBD from now on. Thank you Soulsome!

  76. Julie Buchta


    I have not tried very many other CBD brands but there’s so many that have toxic ingredients that betray the whole point of wellness. Soulsome CBD offers up an organic, cold pressed, high quality CBD that I can trust. I don’t use it every day but play by ear and it is terrific for a very good nights sleep and for aches and pains. I also occasionally have the low dose in the morning to ease into a busy day as it sets the tone for the day. Happy, content, and bright mind. After I placed my first order I was charmed receiving a personal video from the owner explaining usage and a word on the peppery after taste which was not an issue for, me at all. This is the REAL DEAL best I’ve found CBD on the market today. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CBD and the people behind it. They really care about what they do. Thank you Soulsome!

  77. Steven Liebig

    Reduction in Anxiety, Insomnia and Inflammation

    I’ve experienced reductions in anxiety, insomnia and inflammation (dermatitis) since using 1200 MG Hemp Extract. The quality of my life has improved.

  78. George Van Dyke

    Other CBD tinctures don’t offer me the distinct relaxed response Soulsome does.

    I’ve developed an “acquired taste” from my nightly routine, consuming a full dropper of the 2400 mg strength extract. I actually enjoy the earthy, complex flavors of Soulsome compared to the shallow, artificial taste of other CBD tinctures. I experience a relaxed feeling that sort of locks in about an hour after consuming Soulsome. Other CBD tinctures don’t offer me that distinct relaxed response. Curiously, for me, any cannabis I consume after the Soulsome leaves me with a physical rather than a cerebral effect, which is most pleasant for my constitution. Also, no anxiety. The older I’ve gotten, the less tolerance I have for the typical “high” I often experience with much of today’s potent medical cannabis. Harlequin or Cherry Diesel consumed on top of the Sousome leaves me with a  pleasant, almost effervescent feeling throughout. No anxiety or trippiness at all. Not bad for sleeping either.

  79. Heather Haney

    The cold-pressed hemp oil was a great introductory into CBD. I was able to help control my anxiety with it, but the organic cold-pressed seems to work a little better for me. This product was still a great alternative and a good stepping stone into the higher mg.

  80. Keph Sherin

    The 1200mg Cannabinoids Hemp Extract is astonishing in its range of cures. Yes it is excellent for anxiety, muscle aches, stomach issues etc. But what I found fascinating is the anti-inflammatory effects! I put it on ingrown hairs and other skin irritations and the redness and swelling went away! Moreover, the company and the CEO go above and beyond in customer service. Kamran is so humble, kind, and generous, I didn’t think it possible for a CEO but he has broken the greed barrier and truly wants to help people. I hope this company continues to thrive!

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Certified organic

Cold pressed

Rich in CBDA & CBGA

No flavor / sweeteners

Full spectrum

3rd party tested