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Why Soulsome?


All-natural & Organic

Our products are grown & harvested by Italian farmers following the strict organic farming practices mandated by The European Union

Precise Conditions

Indoor Environment

Hemp grown indoors with environmental control allows for optimum control of temperature, humidity and light levels. The hermetically sealed environment and climate control help to protect hemp plants from the elements and keep them safe from pests and contamination.

Low-Light Harvesting

Preserving Compounds

Lighting is lowered and adjusted near harvesting to preserve the plants’ delicate terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids cannabinoids while maintaining adequate moisture in the buds. These delicate molecules are usually damaged by the sun in outdoor plants.

2 Extracting

Cold-Pressed, Naturally Extracted

We never use Co2, Ethanol, heat, or chemicals during the extraction process,
giving you the cleanest product available.


Earth-Friendly Methods

Natural extraction ensures the hemp flowers’ chlorophyll and terpenes are left intact and undisturbed. No solvents are used, making it much purer, more holistic and more environmentally friendly.

Doing it Right

Cold-Pressed Perfection

Terpenes and some other phytonutrients are highly volatile molecules and will degrade readily when exposed to more than mild heat. Not with cold-pressed extraction.

3 Combining

Synergy Effect

Above and beyond the “Entourage Effect,” thanks to the combination of Non-GMO indoor grown
hemp flower extract and organic virgin hemp seed oil.

Hemp Flower

Best Part of the Hemp Plant

The whole flower is where the most powerful compounds live. It’s also the only part of the plant we use for extraction.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Best Carrier Oil

Because our whole-flower extract and the carrier oil come from the same plant, combining them heightens the efficacy and efficiency of the finished product.


Complete Transparency.

We test every batch produced with a third party lab to ensure purity and consistency.
Every batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis verifying the Soulsome bottle you’ve received is
crafted with only the finest ingredients, and most consistency, quality and efficacy.

Full-spectrum potency

Our products contain full-spectrum, hemp flower extract, creating a ``synergy effect`` above and beyond the entourage effect.

Terpenes & Flavonoids

A combination of terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll and cannabinoids enhance the beneficial properties of soulsome.

Every Batch Tested

We test each batch of our products to ensure they contain less than 0.3% THC.


Every batch is tested to ensure our products do not contain toxin.

5 Enjoying

Feel the Difference

All soulsome products are hand-crafted in small batches to maintain the highest levels of freshness, precision and quality.

Our products are delivered in food-grade glass bottles and recyclable packaging with clear instructions on how to use them.

Try it and feel the effectiveness of Soulsome.

It’s time to

Soothe Your Soul