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Why Soulsome Cold Pressed CBD Oil?

Choosing Soulsome Cold-Pressed CBD oil means you choose only the highest quality hemp-flower oils. It means choosing a non-GMO flower which is organically and sustainably grown, and cold-pressed for full spectrum efficacy and purity. It means insisting that your CBD oil is completely free of toxins, additives, or extraction by-products and that it has had its purity independently tested and certified. It means choosing an artisanal, small-batch product that is made by hand from a single hemp plant.

Choosing Soulsome isn’t just a smart choice.

It’s the only smart choice.

All-Natural & Organic

Cultivated in a regulated indoor environment, to the strictest organic-farming standards in the European Union, Soulsome hemp flowers are organically raised in an environment that leaves no aspect of their quality to chance.


Organically Grown

Our non-GMO hemp plants are organically farmed in Italy, under controlled conditions by growers adhering to the prescribed, organic farming practices set out by the European Union. An indoor, regulated growing environment allows our growers to ensure our plants are protected from the elements, from pests, and from other sources of contamination. Our grow rooms are a perfect balance of temperature, light, and humidity levels, whilst ensuring that our Hemp plants are never exposed to pesticides, natural biological threats, or other contaminants.

Soulsome Cold-Pressed CBD Oil Hemp Plant Hero
Soulsome Cold-Pressed CBD Oil Cannabinoids Infographic


Purity Perfected

As the plant approaches the harvest point, we gradually lower the light levels in order to protect our flowers from dehydration and to preserve the essential terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids–the active compounds that make Soulsome Cold-Pressed CBD Oil so useful. Our low-light harvesting process also ensures that the delicate buds do not dry out, rendering them unsuitable for premium quality raw Hemp oil extraction.

The Cold-Pressed Promise

We cold-press our flowers using traditional cold-pressing methods to ensure the purest, cleanest Hemp oil extraction. This means our Hemp oil will never be exposed to harmful extraction chemicals, industrial solvents, or additives. Choosing cold-press extraction means choosing a slower, natural, and human-centered extraction process.


Traditional Cold-Pressing

We use traditional food-grade, mechanical cold-press extraction techniques to extract oils from the hemp flower and seeds. Heat, CO2, Ethanol, and other chemical extraction processes damage the delicate balance of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, and can introduce toxins into the finished oil. We cold-press our hemp flowers in much the same process used to extract Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ensuring only the finest quality oil is produced, perfectly preserving the terpene profile, and ensuring the hemp oil in Soulsome is toxin and additive-free.

Virgin Flower & Virgin Seed Oils

Once successfully extracted our Hemp flower oil is carefully blended with virgin Hemp seed oil, the perfect carrier oil, as it comes from the same plants as the flowers. A perfect and effortless marriage of two time-honored, natural oils.


Sourcing the Finest Oils

The Hemp flower contains the most powerful and therapeutic compounds in the entire Hemp plant. We only ever use the flower to extract our Soulsome Hemp oils–as oils from elsewhere in the plant lack the potency and essential terpene profile which can only be found in the flowers.

Soulsome Cold-Pressed CBD Oil Hemp Plant Flower


An Obvious Carrier Oil

Our flower extract is blended with virgin Hemp seed oil, both of which come from the same plant, heightening their efficacy, ensuring their purity, and sustainability.

Complete Transparency.

Every harvest of Soulsome Cold Pressed CBD Oil is scrutinized by an independent testing lab to ensure its purity and consistency. Each batch we produce comes with a certificate of analysis verifying that the Soulsome bottle we have delivered to you has been crafted from the purest ingredients available, and to the highest production standards.


By extracting the full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids we ensure that you derive the full benefit of the hemp flower as nature intended. Soulsome’s organic, cold-press full-spectrum CBD oil is unrefined and unadulterated to ensure its unrivaled efficacy and purity.


Our cold-pressing process ensures we extract only the finest oils, terpenes, flavonoids chlorophyll and cannabinoids from our Hemp flowers.


Each hemp oil harvest is thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that our oils contain less than 0.3% THC.


When nothing is added, and nothing is taken away, pure Hemp goodness is what remains. Soulsome is the finest Hemp flower CBD oil because we protect its purity and integrity at every step of our artisanal farming and oil extraction process.

The Difference Quality Makes

Our hand-crafted, small-batch organic, cold-pressed cbd oils are crafted to ensure the highest levels of freshness, purity, and quality. Each bottle of Soulsome organic, Hemp flower CBD oil is delivered in food-grade glass with recyclable packaging and clear instructions on how to obtain the full benefits of Soulsome CBD oil.

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