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Why is Cold Press CBD Extraction The Best Method For Making CBD Oil?

Cold Press CBD Extraction

Cold Press: The Natural Choice for CBD Extraction

So, you are looking for a CBD oil that is environmentally friendly, does not use hazardous chemicals, leaves no toxic residues in the hemp extract, and produces a CBD oil that is the pinnacle of purity? Look no further friend, cold press CBD oil is what you’ve been looking for.

By far the most natural extraction process, cold pressing hemp flowers via an age-old mechanical process–the exact same method used to make your favorite extra virgin olive oil–ensures a naturally pure, uncontaminated, full spectrum CBD oil of superior quality which simply cannot be beaten.

Soulsome’s cold press raw hemp-flower CBD oil prides itself on this extraction process for its essential purity and unrivaled quality. Cold press extraction allows for more of the raw, pure hemp cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and micronutrients to be extracted from the raw flower, creating the signature taste profile you know and love as well as the full spectrum entourage effect unique to this hemp flower extraction.

What is Cold Press CBD and Why is it Better than other Extraction Methods?

You are probably already aware of the common methods of extracting CBD from hemp and cannabis: Most producers use either CO2 gas extraction or alcohol to extract their CBD. Why? Well, these are by far the cheapest and easiest to scale; this means maximum profit for the producer. Unfortunately, the least favored extraction method is also the hardest–cold pressed hemp extraction. Why? Because the hemp flowers have their oils extracted from a manual press which squeezes the raw materials to produce the pure, raw, unrefined hemp flower oil, complete with all of the cannabinoids and terpenes intact.

Other extraction methods have been known to use chemicals and solvents which are not good for your health. Take the alcohol extraction method, for example; two kinds of ethanol can be used in this process: Denatured and Food-grade. Food-grade ethanol is 200 proof (potent!), Denatured ethanol (methylated spirits, wood spirit; or denatured rectified spirit by another name)contains chemical additives which are known health hazards and is on the EPAs Right To Know list of hazardous chemicals. Do you know which of these two extraction methods your CBD producer uses to extract their CBD from the cannabis plant? Can you find any indication of it on your CBD bottle label? Probably not. The CBD industry is wildly unregulated at the moment, and it is up to the individual CBD producer to ensure the protection of their customers, something Soulsome cold pressed CBD puts first and foremost in every product we make.

Given a choice, which olive oil would you put on your salad? An extra-virgin oil made with a natural cold press method, or an oil produced by chemical extraction using denatured ethanol, which we know is hazardous to our health?

CO2 extraction is also problematic as it is touted as the most efficient extraction process which uses chemistry and pressure to extract THC and CBD from cannabis. This is not an extraction process focused on preserving your health; it’s focused on manufacturing expedience and volumes of extraction. The extracted oil is usually mixed with–you guessed it–alcohol, in the “emulsification” process as part of removing some of the naturally occurring lipids and fats from the plant. This method of extraction is like eating warm, freeze-dried ice cream. It’s a novel experience, but why you would want to when you could choose an authentic, natural, healthy product is simply beyond us.

Cold press CBD oil is a very different creature. In the same way that we make olive oil, by crushing olives and squeezing the pulp in a press, we make cold pressed CBD from raw help flowers. There are no additives, not chemistry, no unwanted residues, just pure, full-spectrum CBD oil full of all the natural nutrients, terpenes, and cannabinoids we value a high-quality hemp extract for.

If you’ve ever had a cold pressed juice (seriously, have one–they’re amazing), you’ll immediately recognize the difference between juice extracted from fruit through cold pressing and juice made in “other” ways. Cold pressed juice just has more than other juices. More flavor, more nutrients, more… everything! There’s a reason we chose the hardest, most labor-intensive, and most rewarding method to extract CBD from our raw hemp flowers–you simply can’t beat cold press extraction. When Soulsome’s Cold press CBD oil arrives at your door, it contains all the vitamins, micronutrients, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and omegas, which make Soulsome the best CBD extract you can buy.

MCT carrier Oil? What’s that?

Almost all CBD oils and hemp extract oils are mixed with MCT oil. Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils are the go-to oil if you want to dilute a stronger oil. MCT oils come from coconuts and palm kernels and are only really remarkable for their tastelessness. Soulsome cold pressed CBD oil does not use an MCT carrier oil for precisely this reason. Instead, we use extra-virgin hemp seed oil (also cold press extract), to blend our CBD oil. This is to ensure the additional health benefits of the omega-, and vitamin-packed hemp oil is part of every drop of Soulsome CBD, as well as the total “no brainer” synergy of mixing oils extracted from the same plant. Obviously, there is an excellent synergy with this combination, and the hemp seed oil comes with so many additional benefits for hair and skin health that to have mixed our pure, CBD oil extract with anything else would have been disingenuous.

Now that you know a bit more about the extraction processes that go on behind the scenes, perhaps you can answer a simple question for us: Given a choice, which olive oil would you put on your salad? An extra-virgin oil made with a natural cold press method, or an oil produced by chemical extraction using denatured ethanol, which we know is hazardous to our health?

This is why Soulsome is cold pressed and always will be. Because your health cannot be taken for granted, and you should not be making trade-offs with your health when it comes to choosing your CBD oil or hemp extract.


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