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CBD for Lung Conditions-is there any evidence?

CBD for Lung Conditions

The studies on using CBD for lung conditions do not show that there is any evidence to support the use of CBD as a possible treatment for -,or complementary supplement to lung disease treatment. However, there are not yet any studies that contraindicate the use of CBD for lung conditions either. The main stumbling block here is that so few studies have been done and, until science catches up with the demand for knowledge, we will have to wait to see if it is appropriate to use CBD for lung disease and its associated conditions.

The Farm Act of 2018 and Hemp research

Due to changes in the legislation (the 2018 farm bill), research into hemp, its extracts and derivatives, and hemp-derived CBD is becoming more commonplace. Although very few studies have been done to date, a number of positive indications have been found in animal studies, suggesting that CBD could be of use with lung conditions.

CBD and Lung Conditions – The Research

In a study from 2015, researchers demonstrated that CBD assisted guinea pigs to open up their bronchial passages. From this, it is currently speculated that CBD might be able to assist people with lung conditions like COPD (​​Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) to breathe more freely and prevent blood-oxygen levels from dropping. 

A second study from 2014 found a similar set of results in mice with damaged lung tissue. It seems that using CBD for lung conditions was effective in lowering levels of inflammation in the mice and, as a consequence, lung function improved in the test subjects.

Using CBD for lung conditions – An Unusual Anecdotal case

Although most of the research regarding CBD remains in the very early stages–typically testing on animals only–some evidence has emerged with CBD and lung conditions involving human beings. One case emerges from the literature of an 81-year-old man with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and a subsequent lung cancer diagnosis. Due to his advanced age and unwillingness to undergo a treatment that would negatively impact his quality of life, the man declined any chemotherapy treatment for it. Still, he continued to monitor the condition with his doctor’s help. After several visits, the doctor noticed that the tumor had decreased in size and, when asked about this, the patient reported that he had been using a few drops of CBD oil each day to assist with the COPD and breathing problems he had been experiencing–essentially he had been self-medicating with CBD for his lung condition.

Although the researchers acknowledge the recurring idea that CBD seems to be useful in cancer treatments, they request more studies into this area and present their case as a useful clinical anecdote to prompt more scientific research into this area. We couldn’t agree more.


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