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A Wellness Podcast Unlike Any Other

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If you’re anything like me and my co-host Kamran, you have a lot of questions about how to improve your health as you get older. You’re probably tired of not being able to find simple answers to the questions you have about diet, exercise, supplements and activities that could help you age gracefully.

Well, I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. Even though I’m still relatively young (I’m 40) and neither is my co-host Kamran, who is 52, we can relate. We don’t have all of the answers but we’re not going to age without a fight!

And that’s why we started this podcast. We want to uncover the most effective ways to age in a healthy way. As self-proclaimed health nuts, we’re on the hunt for holistic ways to improve our health and reduce the effects of aging.

Jon Rankin, co-host of the Soulsome Podcast, introduces the Soulsome wellness podcast to new listeners.

A Podcast For Health Nuts (Like Us)

This podcast is for anyone who is obsessed with knowing the latest in alternative medicine and discovering new ways to be healthier than they were when they were younger. We’re going to share a lot of entertaining personal stories to inspire your wellness journey, including the story of how I became an Olympic runner while fighting a terminal kidney disease and how I beat it with the help of stem cells, the life lessons Kamran learned while working alongside the world renowned motivational speaker and life coach, Tony Robbins and what we’re doing with our team here at Soulsome to spread wellness through CBD oil and beyond.

Find Holistic Ways To Improve Your Health

There is so much joy for you to experience in this life. The conversations on this podcast show will help inform and inspire you to keep seeking out ways to get the most out of yourself, your relationships and your health.

Join us on a health adventure filled with personal stories, examples of how others are getting the most out of the second half of their life and an exploration of the latest technology and breakthroughs in health and wellness.

You deserve more out of life and we’re going to help you get the most out of your everyday life.

Welcome to the Soulsome podcast!

Click here to subscribe and listen to every episode: https://anchor.fm/soulsomehealth

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