What’s the difference between CBDa and CBD?

The most beneficial CBD oil must be alive not dead

CBDa (not CBD) is found
natively in the plant

CBDa is more effective & better absorbed by the body than CBD

CBDa tested 1000 times more potent than CBD

Unfortunately, most CBD oils on the market today are considered “dead” because they’re missing many of the natural healing compounds found in the hemp plant. Most commercial extraction processes use extreme heat and solvents that kill off the CBDa. Leaving you with a final product that has lost its benefits by the time it’s bottled and sold to you.

Where does CBD fall short?

CBD is considered dead primarily because of the extraction methods used to produce it. Extreme heat and gas methods degrade the beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. This means the final product is less effective and requires a higher dosage to experience any healing benefits. Additionally, it’s harmful to the body because the extraction method used leaves behind a harsh residue that ends up in the final oil produced.

Why is CBDa better than CBD?

In living hemp, CBDa is the main phytocannabinoid compound that offers major health benefits to the body – it is the parent compound to CBD.

CBDa has demonstrated superior healing effects compared to CBD. It’s considered to be more potent in the brain. It’s less altered from its natural state which increases it’s healing benefits. And it has higher anti-inflammatory qualities. Ultimately, CBDa is more efficient than CBD because less is required to experience it’s benefits.

Why Soulsome?

Soulsome’s Hemp Extract is made from Living Hemp. It contains all the vital compounds found naturally in the hemp plant. Our CBD-rich oil works on a cellular level to support your body’s natural healing processes. With Soulsome, you’ll experience the full benefits of CBD oil can offer – guaranteed.

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